"I believe in gifts, but mostly because I believe in the significance of things. I keep objects from every arena of my life because they prove the existence of time, of a past, of a moment. My theatre is about leaving you with proof, a small tangible piece of your experience. But it also transcends the mere material, I hope. It delves into fantasy and alternate histories, a fixation with all kinds of fiction. My theatre creates evidence. Evidence of an illusion so clear and encompassing that there is no disillusion."

Gemma Kaneko is the Co-Founder of Rescue Agreement. She sits on her balcony in Brooklyn and thinks about what she'll make next. She is a director, lighting designer, sometimes armchair philosopher and has collaborated with companies such as Fuerzabruta, The Arts Effect and CAP21. She wants to make work that will make you happy you went to the theatre and sat next to someone you didn't know.

Recent work: Electric Eden, Rise Like Lions, Someone is Living in This House, This Might Be the Place, Put Your Hands Up For Detroit!

Gemma Kaneko

Artistic Director​

"One of my first jobs was at a magic shop that both sold small gimmicks to kids and manufactured large stage illusions. I wanted so badly to understand the 'Copperfield dynamic;' how something so seemingly simple could be so exhilarating to watch. Between the fascinating reality of our bizarre yet seemingly-everyday fantasies and the magnitude of even the simplest stage illusions lays my theatre. I want to create magic - with a plot - but give the audience control of their journey."

Grant McDonald is the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Rescue Agreement and has collaborated on countless original productions with artists such as Esperanza Spalding, Bryce Dessner, Richard Reed Parry, 3LD, BAM and Matrix-L'Oreal. He is also the head designer for Rescue Agreement and his designs can be seen on a number of productions currently on tour throughout the world.

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Grant McDonald

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